Monday, June 02, 2008

Historic Kiggins House Move

June 1 ~ Lolli and Ron drove off to parts further North. My sister and I were off to a garden tour, but stopped to see the 101 year-old Kiggins House being moved.

It proved far more interesting than a garden tour! There were dozens of photographers and most of the local neighbors. It was very festive.

Take a look at this video I took of the house squeezing through trees:

Here's another shorter one of the brave young men making adjustments in between the wheels of the trailer and under the 100 tons of rolling house (keep an eye on their feet):

The Columbian (June 1) has a more comprehensive Quicktime video, "History on the Move" with interviews of the participants (Nancy and I can be seen in one frame).

Read all about it here.

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